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Using a Lift Chair Recliner

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Home caregiver holding patient’s hands

As people age, they may find that some tasks are more challenging than they used to be. One of those is getting up and down from the seated position. Lift chairs aid in this movement, assisting individuals who may need a helping hand. Located in Simi Valley, California, Home Care Pharmacy is a family-owned pharmacy… Read more »

Upright or Rollator: Which Walker Is Right for You?

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Patient using walker to move around home

Being mobile is an often overlooked part of independence. Having the ability to move around at one’s leisure can directly impact overall health and well-being. Those who can no longer move around on their own may benefit from the support of a mobility aid, such as a walker. However, not all walkers are the same… Read more »

5 Benefits of Using a Nebulizer Machine

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Man with hat under clouds experiencing serenity

When suffering from breathing issues, having the right treatment equipment is critical. Getting the medication you or a loved one needs shouldn’t be difficult, which is why nebulizers are so effective. Different circumstances, including health needs, age, or the nature of the illness, may lead your doctor to choose a nebulizer for treatment. Here, Home… Read more »

Adjusting To Life with a Wheelchair

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Close Up Shot Of A Person Sitting In A Wheelchair

Adapting to the use of a new wheelchair is a process that may be difficult for some individuals. As with anything brand new, obtaining a wheelchair poses new scenarios and requires some adjustment with daily tasks. Here, Home Care Pharmacy walks you through some ways to make this process more comfortable. Change Your Outlook  One… Read more »

Maintaining a Hospital Bed in Your Home

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Young Adult Child Supporting Sick Parent Lying in Hospital Bed

Individuals with special healthcare needs may benefit from placing a hospital bed in the home. For starters, it can make loved ones feel more comfortable by being in a familiar environment. In addition, hospital beds may make caregiving easier and decrease the likelihood of experiencing other injuries or illnesses. However, utilizing a hospital bed at… Read more »

Helping Your Child Use a Nebulizer

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Mom Helping Child With Cold Inhale Nebulizer Aerosol Treatment At Home

Using a nebulizer may be a new concept for some parents who never had to use one themselves. When children require a nebulizer, it is very helpful to know how to properly use it and assist a child with it. Some children may struggle with their nebulizer treatment, or may even give parents a difficult… Read more »

Basics to Keeping a Nebulizer

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man wearing nebulizer while using smartphone

A nebulizer is a piece of medical equipment designed to aerosolize liquid medication and deliver it in a gaseous form. They are used to ease the symptoms of a varying amount of respiratory conditions, such as asthma, bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and cystic fibrosis. For your nebulizer to remain an effective form of… Read more »

Adjusting to Life with a Home Hospital Bed

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hospital bed set up in living room

Whether they’ve just been discharged from the hospital or are having trouble getting in and out of bed due to mobility issues, your loved one – and the entire family – can greatly benefit from renting a hospital bed for the home. Hospital beds are typically temporary solutions for individuals in these situations, so renting… Read more »

How Medicare Pays for Walkers and Wheelchairs for Seniors

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Bill Medicare for Walker and Wheelchair Supplies in Simi Valley

Interested in walker Medicare? What about wheelchair Medicare? Both qualify for reimbursement from Medicare, so if you use one of these types of medical equipment, you can save some money. This also goes for related medical supplies. As a senior living in Simi Valley and surrounding areas, you are likely on a fixed income, which… Read more »

8 Ways to Manage Your Medical Supplies & Equipment

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Home Care Pharmacy

If have a condition that requires you to keep lots of medical supplies in your home, organization is key if you want to have any hope of keeping them straight. Effective organization is also for your own safety and for that of everyone else in your household. Plus, when you’re well organized, you will spend… Read more »

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