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Insurance Paperwork Got You Down? We Can Help.

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Whatever the advantages or disadvantages may be of the new healthcare laws, one thing is definitely true: many of the regulatory procedures for dispensing prescription medications and even general supplies have been significantly altered. For many people, this has generated a lot of confusion and uncertainty. At Home Care Pharmacy, we not only offer the medical… Read more »

The Convenience of Online Prescription Refills

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Online Prescription Refill

Whether getting out of your house is impossible due to physical injury, a broken car or other issues, you still need to obtain your prescription. Instead of waiting until someone else can do it, or forgoing this particular round of treatment, you can use Home Care Pharmacy in Simi Valley to order your prescription refills… Read more »

National Infant Immunization Week Is Coming Up!

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Healthy Infant - Home Care Pharmacy - Simi Valley

National Infant Immunization Week is April 18th to 25th – mark your calendars! National Infant Immunization Week focuses on promoting immunizations for children 2 years of age and younger while also educating parents on why each immunization is necessary. This educational week not only promotes vaccinations for children but also educates on the effects of… Read more »

Test Your Health Knowledge With Online Quizzes!

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Medical Quiz Icon

Knowledge of your health is something that you should always work to expand. Doing so can help you recognize issues, avoid complications with existing problems, and help you recognize when you need to contact a medical professional for help. That’s why the Internet Drug Index has numerous health quizzes that you can use to test… Read more »

Forming a Relationship With a Compounding Pharmacy Benefits Patients

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Doctors and Compounding Pharmacies

Pharmaceutical compounding supports a personalized approach to treating patients. Compounded medications are specially formulated to meet the needs of patients with unique health needs. At Home Care Pharmacy in Simi Valley, compounding pharmacy specialists work with physicians to provide quality medications customized specifically for the patient. How are physicians using compounding pharmacies? Physicians are partnering… Read more »

What Makes a Good Pharmacy?

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Integrity and Customer Service - Home Care Pharmacy

These days, more and more people find themselves in need of prescription medication recommended and approved by a doctor. Since this is the case, it’s critically important that you be able to determine which qualities make a pharmacy notably good. If you’re not certain what to look for in a good pharmacy, consider the following… Read more »

Don’t Miss Your Health Care Window!

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Covered California

Millions of Americans rely upon their health insurance to make things affordable each year, from visits to the doctor to picking up their prescriptions. This is why selecting the best health care plan that fits your needs is vital to ensuring that you can have the type of care you require. If you don’t have… Read more »

We’re Ramping Up Our Delivery Operation

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Medical Supplies Simi Valley

Home Care Pharmacy in Simi Valley is improving our delivery services of prescriptions in Simi Valley, CA. The improvements are being done because we are always looking for ways to better serve our customers. We deliver prescriptions along with needed medical supplies to those who need them. We are glad to also provide any needed… Read more »

Getting Your Prescription Refill On the Go

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Online Prescription Refills - Simi Valley

The traditional way to get a prescription refilled was to go to the local pharmacy with the prescription slip and wait in line for the prescription. Ordering a prescription this way is very time consuming and inconvenient. These days, others are getting their prescriptions filled quickly through the mail. Surprisingly, this mail order method has… Read more »

Basic Medical Supplies For Your Home

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At Home Care Pharmacy, we believe our customers have enough on their hands without running all around town looking for medical supplies in one store and medical equipment in another. As one of Simi Valley’s top-rated medical equipment providers, we go the extra mile in giving our customers everything they need – all in one… Read more »

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