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When choosing a pharmacy for medical supplies, prescriptions, and vaccinations, look no further than Home Care Pharmacy. Based in Simi Valley, California, we’ve been serving Los Angeles and Ventura Counties for 25 years and counting as a trusted pharmacy and medical supply store. We strive to make things easy for our customers with online pharmacy refills, local delivery, and personalized services to meet a wide range of needs.

Who We Are
Driven by our values and desire to serve our community to the best of our abilities, Home Care Pharmacy has been family-owned and locally operated ever since we opened in 1986. We’re highly committed to providing the simplest, fastest service so our customers can stay safe and healthy – without the stress or inconvenience of regular pharmacy visits. Our online services are user-friendly and secure, allowing you to order from the convenience of home and even request delivery.

How We Can Serve
At Home Care Pharmacy, we help as many people as possible obtain the medications and supplies they need by accepting a wide range of insurance. We bill Medi-Cal, Gold Coast, Medicare, Union Insurance, workers’ compensation, and all major private insurance companies so our customers can take full advantage of our products and services. These include following:

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Don’t let inconvenience stand between you and good health. Order medical equipment, request vaccinations, and fill prescriptions with Home Care Pharmacy. We take pride in offering our customers in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties the service and supplies they need to maintain a high quality of life. To learn more, read our customers’ testimonials about our services or contact us in Simi Valley, CA today.

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Pharmacy Refills

Order pharmacy refills and monitor your medications in minutes using our online platform and mobile app. We’ll also deliver prescriptions locally on weekdays throughout Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, including Simi Valley, Moorpark, and Thousand Oaks.

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Medical Supplies

At Home Care Pharmacy, we’re proud to offer a wide range of medical supplies to our region and will even deliver your order straight to your home. Our products include first aid, wound care, walking aids, orthopedic supplies, and much more.

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For those with respiratory illnesses, we stock nebulizer supplies, such as masks and battery-operated travel nebulizers. We even offer pediatric nebulizers in fun, kid-friendly shapes including dogs, cats, pandas, penguins, fire trucks, or trains.

Medical Equipment Delivery
Medical equipment is often bulky and difficult to transport. If you’re struggling with vehicle limitations or don’t have time to pick up your order, we deliver medical equipment and supplies throughout Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. Delivery fees may vary.

Keep yourself and your family healthy and free of infection. Home Care Pharmacy offers a full line of vaccinations to keep disease prevention convenient and close to home.

Personalized Services
If you need a specific kind of service or product, give us a call at 805-527-9600. Home Care Pharmacy is dedicated to helping our customers get the medical support they require. We can adapt existing offerings, place special orders, or otherwise personalize our services to meet your unique needs.

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