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Why Choose a Local Pharmacy in Simi Valley?

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Why Choose a Local Pharmacy in Simi Valley?When it comes to settling on the right pharmacy for you, local is always better. You don’t want to be just another number, which is what you’ll be at those national chains. In your search, you can start with your own neighborhood, narrowing down your selections for local pharmacies known for personalized attention. This way, you’ll feel good being on a first-name basis with everyone there. Yes, the chains are easy to default to because there seems to be one on every street corner.

But resist the urge. Go local instead for a better fit. Here are some great reasons to choose a local pharmacy in Simi Valley:


Without having a local pharmacist in your back pocket, it can get dicey when it comes to obtaining the timely refills you need for your monthly or weekly medication. Because your local pharmacist is located right in your neighborhood, you can pop by when convenient for you. Plus, your doctor can just send your prescriptions there every time so there’s no guesswork.

Better, Friendlier, Faster

Local pharmacists don’t have to deal with thousands of patients like the big chains do, which means they have more time to pay attention to you. As a result, you get better, friendlier and faster service overall because a local pharmacist puts more attention and care into every customer interaction.

They can explain the medication in detail, alert you of the possible side effects, advise you on the correct dosage and tell you about any potential interactions there could be between your other medications. Smaller local pharmacies take the time to get to know you, reviewing your history and chatting with you before simply handing over the bag of meds.

The Best Medications

And by best medications, we don’t necessarily mean more expensive. Chain pharmacies usually give you the more expensive medications in order to make a profit. They may even ask your doctor to prescribe the non-generic version to make more money. Local pharmacies, by contrast, choose the drug that works best for you instead of one that will bring them the most money.

More Options

Local pharmacies give their customers more choices in regards to prescriptions. If they know you’re taking a certain drug that also comes in a generic brand that’s cheaper, they are more inclined to present you with a choice to save cash.

Caring Relationships

You want to build a strong relationship with the person who routinely fills your important medications. Selecting a local hometown pharmacy that you can lean on time after time will help you build those lasting relationships. A local pharmacist will look out for you, ask how you’re feeling, and offer better, more focused services in general.

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