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Six Advantages For Getting Your Flu Shot

By: Home Care Pharmacy |

Flu Shot - Home Care Pharmacy Simi ValleyWhen the cold season sets in at the end of the year, we are reminded that the height of the flu season is around the corner. We may hurry then to get our flu shots. But the whole scramble can be avoided by getting those flu shots early.

There are at least six good reasons for getting your shot sooner rather than later:

1. The flu season actually starts in October and can last until late May. Since it takes two weeks for the body to develop the viral antibodies, getting the shot now will have you protected when the flu season starts.

2. The manufacturers that produce the vaccine start supplying them in July and August. Getting the shot early means there will be an ample supply and you won’t run the risk of vaccine shortage should there be a severe outbreak that results in a run for the flu shots.

3. If you are in one of the following groups more vulnerable to severe complications from the flu, it is especially important that you get protected early.

  • Children aged six months to four years old</li
  • Persons aged 50 and older</li
  • People who have asthma or chronic lung disease</li
  • Those suffering from chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, kidney or liver disease and others with weakened immune systems</li
  • Pregnant women and mothers caring for under-six month old babies</li
  • American Indians and Alaska Natives</li
  • Health care personnel and caregivers in nursing homes

4. If you have school-age children, you may want to get them protected early from possible outbreaks, keeping in mind that it will take about two weeks for the flu shots to be effective.

5. The vaccine will not wear off until late March. If the flu season is still continuing, you can always get a booster.

6. Even if you get sick, your illness will be less than if you didn’t get the vaccine.

Where can you get the flu vaccine? People who have pre-existing medical conditions should consult their doctor. Otherwise, you can usually find a local pharmacy for this service. For residents of Simi Valley, California, Home Care Pharmacy will meet all your pharmaceutical needs and provide flu shots during our regular service hours.

Contact Home Care Pharmacy Simi Valley at 805-527-9600 to schedule your flu shot!

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