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Reminder: Vaccines Are Good

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Vaccine Myths - Simi Valley PharmacyFlu season is not quite over, and that means if you haven’t gotten your immunization you might be at risk. You may have read some bogus information online about vaccines being harmful, but those “facts” are totally unsubstantiated. In reality, getting yourself and your children immunized can help keep you both safe from some common but potentially life-threatening viruses. These “anti-vax” myths are easily debunked by scientific facts:

I heard the flu vaccine doesn’t really work.

Wrong! Doctors create a vaccine based on the three most prevalent strains of the flu virus out there for any given year. Although it’s not foolproof protection, the flu vaccine substantially cuts down your chances of contracting the virus. The flu can be especially harmful to small children and the elderly. You would take every precaution to prevent your loved ones from getting sick, wouldn’t you? Call our Simi Valley pharmacy today about flu shots and vaccines.

Getting sick makes me more immune to viruses than a vaccine would.

This is also a myth. It is true that in some cases you can contract a less-serious case of certain viruses after being vaccinated, but in most cases immunizations fully protect you from the effects of a virus. Without a vaccine, the virus can infect you fully, causing an entire range of dangerous symptoms.

All the other parents have vaccinated their kids, which means mine will be safe enough.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Misleading information about vaccines has circulated so widely through social media that your children are likely not the only ones at their school who aren’t up-to-date on their immunizations. This means the herd-immunity of the school is already compromised. Not only that, studies show kids without their vaccines have a 22% higher chance of contracting measles. Your child can also contract viruses from other people outside their school environment.

Booster shots are too strong for my kids’ immune system to handle!

Wrong again! A child comes into contact with and fights off thousands of bacteria and viruses every day. The human immune system is a wonderfully efficient system and can handle the six shots the doctor might administer to your child in one visit with no ill effects.

Vaccines cause childhood Autism!

This is the biggest hoax of all and is based on a phony “study” by one researcher who did not submit their findings for peer review. This offensive claim has been widely decried and denounced by nearly every major medical association out there, but the idea caught on like wildfire in the media over a decade ago and somehow has survived study after study that shows a complete lack of connection between the two. Tabloids and misinformed celebrities have continued to make this kooky claim, but it’s simply not true. Talk to a doctor you trust to get the facts on this issue.

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