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Nebulizers: Everything You Need to Know

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Nebulizers: Everything You Need to KnowIf you have asthma, chances are you have been prescribed a nebulizer in Simi Valley by your doctor. This small, handheld cup is attached to a mouthpiece or mask that creates a mist comprising of respiratory medicine for easy inhalation. If you think you may need a nebulizer or you just received one and want to know more about it, read on!

What is a Nebulizer System?

A nebulizer system is comprised of both a nebulizer and an air compressor. It’s the job of the compressor to create a flow of six to eight liters per minute. Most of these systems are fairly compact, able to rest on a table, powered by a simple wall outlet. They’re common and they’re affordable. One end of the oxygen tube connects to the air outlet port on the air compressor, while the other end connects to the air inlet port on the bottom of the nebulizer cup.

What is a Breathing Treatment?

A special medicine solution is inserted into the cup, followed by turning on the compressor, which creates the mist. A small amount of the medicine is mixed with saline, which is basically sterile salt water. Its presence in the solution is critical, as it makes the treatment last longer so it’s more effective.

How to Take a Treatment

To inhale the mist, you can either use a mask or a mouthpiece. Typically, kids wear masks and adults wear mouthpieces. The best place to take a treatment is sitting on the edge of your bed or sitting up straight in a chair so your airways can best receive the medicine. Simply clip the mouthpiece between your teeth or attach the mask over your mouth and nose.

Just breathe normally for a smooth flow and easy path for the medicine to get to your lower airways. If using a mouthpiece, breathe normally in and out of your mouth. When using a mask, breathe normally through the mouth or nose.

Budget about 10 minutes for the treatment start to finish. You’ll know it’s done when the mist is gone. If you hear sputtering, try tapping the sides of the nebulizer cup to knock the rest of the treatment free.

Which is Best?

There are several different kinds of nebulizers out there, so it can be daunting when faced with so many options. Fortunately, your doctor or pharmacist can help you select the best model for your needs, insurance and budget. This is a personal decision and really depends on which features you want, the severity of your asthma and how much you can afford.

You may decide on a portable nebulizer system if you’re on the go a lot. These are small enough to fit in your purse and are battery operated, with the ability to be charged at home or in the car.

How to Get a Nebulizer

You will have to speak with your doctor and get an exam, after which your doctor can prescribe you a nebulizer and set you up with a home health care pharmacy that will supply you with the model you choose. Your pharmacist should also go over care and maintenance of the machine when you pick it up, as well as all the supplies you’ll need to operate it.

Most times, you won’t pay anything for your nebulizer because Medicare and other insurance plans will cover the basic components. However, if you opt for a portable unit or all the bells and whistles, you may have to pay some out of pocket. Here at Home Care Pharmacy, we bill Medicare and Gold Coast insurance, with no charge to the customer. While we will bill to other private insurances, there may be co-pays involved and coverage can vary.

Contact Home Care Pharmacy

Look to Home Care Pharmacy to fulfill all your nebulizer needs. We can order any machine, filter, tubing or mouthpieces you want. Rest assured, our pharmacists are trained in many pulmonary diseases and are here to train you in using your nebulizer in Simi Valley. To learn more, contact us at 805-527-9600.

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