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Medical Equipment Spotlight: Nebulizers

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What is a Nebulizer?

A nebulizer is a machine that turns liquid medication into an easily inhalable vapor for faster, easier delivery of the drug and quick relief from symptoms.

There are large, home models and smaller, more portable battery-operated options. Today, there are nebulizers that are small enough to bring in a backpack or on a car trip. These machines vary in price. Different models can be found at our location in Simi Valley; we sell medical equipment such as nebulizers, and can help patients choose the right one for them.

Nebulizers are usually made up of a mask component that the user places over their nose and mouth, a tube connecting the mask to a medicine chamber, and the compressor itself which turns the liquid into vapor.

To prevent bacteria growth, all the detachable components of the nebulizer should be cleaned and disinfected after each use.

Who Should Use a Nebulizer?

Asthmatic children benefit from the use of nebulizers for a quick and painless delivery of a variety of medications. Because airways can become blocked, say, during an asthma attack, the vapor offers a much easier form of delivery of asthma medication to someone in distress.

The nebulizer also allows for the administration of several drugs at a time. Your doctor can prescribe several medications to be delivered via the nebulizer together, offering greater symptom relief.

Nebulizers are also able to deliver a large dose of medication quickly, without upsetting the stomach and without the use of an intravenous fluid line. This can be helpful for those with severe asthma that need a large amount of medication to treat their symptoms. Nebulizers can be used several times a day as recommended by a doctor.

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