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Insurance Paperwork Got You Down? We Can Help.

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Whatever the advantages or disadvantages may be of the new healthcare laws, one thing is definitely true: many of the regulatory procedures for dispensing prescription medications and even general supplies have been significantly altered. For many people, this has generated a lot of confusion and uncertainty.

At Home Care Pharmacy, we not only offer the medical supplies Simi Valley customers need, but we are also on hand to help everyone navigate the new rules and regulations. Just as we are your partner in compounding and dispensing your prescriptions, so too are we there to explain how the new procedures affect you and suggest ways in which the new methods can be taken advantage of, rather than simply endured.

Home Care Pharmacy is set up for direct billing of many of the major health care providers in the state. We can handle MediCal, Gold Coast, and Medicare. We are also set up to handle most insurance and coupon cards—as well as handle all of your prescription billings for Worker’s Compensation cases. Of course, that is just for the pharmaceutical needs of our customers. When it comes to the many other types of medical supplies and equipment, we are similarly positioned to help with the Medicare and Gold Coast paperwork for items such as wheelchairs, walkers, incontinent needs items, diabetic testing supplies, ostomy, pulmonary, wound care, and orthopedic supplies, and many other items critical to the health and well-being of our customers.

For those who may just have a question about their new billing procedures or wish to double-check and make sure that they are doing things right, we are always happy to take a look and advise you as to whether or not your understanding of the procedures is correct. Because we are your local, independent pharmacy, you are not just a number to us. We want to make sure that everything is right. Call us today.

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