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Dealing with Difficulty Breathing? What You Should Know About a Nebulizer

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Dandelion Pollen AsthmaThe rate of prevalence of restrictive lung diseases and other respiratory disorders like asthma is on the rise, with asthma causing almost 2 million emergency visits every year. Restricted breathing leads to respiratory bronchioles and alveoli that are swollen and inflamed, making it next to impossible to breathe freely.

Many people looking for treatment for these diseases and disorders may think that it’s only an inhaler with a spacer that can work for them. A nebulizer may also be used, especially if you are finding it hard to breathe both day and night. For some people, and with some form of medications, nebulizers are the most efficient way of dispensing inhaled medications.

What is a nebulizer?

A nebulizer is a medical device that converts liquid medication into a fine mist that can easily be breathed directly into the lung through a mask or a mouthpiece. A nebulizer has these parts:

  1. Mask or mouthpiece
  2. Nebulizer cup
  3. Air compressor
  4. Measuring devices like a clean eyedropper used to dispense the medication

Generally, masks should be used for younger kids and mouthpiece for older kids. Your doctor or respiratory therapist should advise you on whether to use a mask or a mouthpiece based on your condition.

Nebulizers come in three different technologies: jet, ultrasonic, and vibrating mesh. The type of nebulizer to use is determined by the type of medication prescribed.

How does a nebulizer work?

The air or oxygen is blown through the chamber attached to a mouthpiece or mask by an air compressor to atomize liquid medicine into a fine mist that can easily be breathed in by the patient. The mouthpiece or mask enables the patient to take atomized medication in.

Who should use a nebulizer and why?

You may use nebulizers in Simi Valley when dealing with asthma, cystic fibrosis, pneumonia and other conditions that cause controlled breathing. This is especially if you are not old enough to properly use inhalers, or you are an adult with severe asthma. You can also use a nebulizer if the medication is not available in an inhaler.

Nebulizing is an easier way of administering medicine than traditional oral methods. Atomized medication dissipates into the lung faster, which then enters the bloodstream and transported to the inflamed area to provide relief as soon as possible.

Managing severe asthma can be quite a challenge. If you are one of many people living with asthma in Simi Valley, CA, visit Home Care Pharmacy for all your medical supplies.

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