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Hospital Beds in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties

Hospital Bed

When patients need long-term or post-surgical care at home, specialized medical equipment can help provide a higher level of care and comfort. Along with other durable medical equipment, Home Care Pharmacy offers a variety of hospital beds for residents of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. No matter your needs or insurance provider, you’ll find a wide range of hospital beds for sale online and at our Simi Valley, California location that are designed to accommodate every user.

Why Choose a Home Hospital Bed?

Unlike standard beds, hospital beds provide additional functionality and features for providing and receiving care at home. This makes it easier for individuals to remain comfortable in their own space without sacrificing the safety and ease a hospital-style bed provides. There are many reasons to purchase a hospital bed for home use, including:

  • Getting up and lying down are easier
  • Reclining, flat, and upright positions to meet your medical and comfort needs
  • Smaller footprint leaves more floor space for medical devices and user and caregiver movement
  • Rails make it easier to stay in bed
  • Simple cleaning and care for incontinence support

Your doctor can indicate whether a hospital bed is the right choice for your needs, and when prescribed by a healthcare provider, your purchase will even be covered by insurance. We bill Medi-Cal, Gold Coast, Medicare, union insurance, worker’s compensation, and all major private insurance. Please note that coverage and co-pays vary; see your insurer for additional information.

Types of Hospital Beds for Sale

Home Care Pharmacy prides itself on personalized service for every customer. Our team will help you find the best hospital bed for your needs with features that improve comfort and quality of life. Our selection of hospital beds includes:

Manual Hospital Beds

These hospital beds are adjustable via hand cranks and a great choice when users won’t spend extensive time in the bed, minimal repositioning is needed, and someone with enough strength to operate the bed will usually be present. Manual beds are often the most affordable option as well.

Semi-Electric Hospital Beds

Semi-electric hospital beds can be adjusted in two ways, both via hand crank and powered, automatic adjustments. In most cases, head and foot adjustment are electrically operated while height adjustments are made by hand.

Electric Hospital Beds

The easiest beds to operate, full-electric hospital beds can be adjusted automatically with the touch of a button. In fact, patients can typically operate them independently regardless of strength. These models are most similar to the beds used in hospitals and ideal when frequent repositioning is needed. While they are often more expensive, they’re a good choice for people who will spend more time in bed.

In addition to these options, you may also be interested in bariatric hospital beds, which feature a longer, wider design and higher weight capacities to provide comfort and support for larger patients. Designed to accommodate mobility issues, low hospital beds that make it safer and easier to get into and out of bed are also available to meet your needs.

Hospital Beds for Sale Online and In-Store in Simi Valley, CA

Home Care Pharmacy has provided hospital beds and other durable medical equipment to residents of Simi Valley and the surrounding areas for more than 25 years. We ensure that every customer receives the individual attention and fast, simple service needed to access essential medical supplies to support better health.

To make getting your hospital bed even easier, we offer online ordering and home delivery within Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. For more information, contact us online.

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