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What is forest conversion?

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clearing in a forest synonym

So, it is always reasonable to consider current flooding risks on your AOI to choose the most appropriate practice. Interferes with the water cycle as trees consume and release moisture in the process of evapotranspiration. In particular, shifting cultivation contributes to sustainability when it eventually ends in forest restoration after decades of fallow years. Sustainable land rotation was practiced by the Forest Finns in the 19th century. An example of unsustainable slash-and-burn agricultural practices is palm oil deforestation. ˈclearing noun a piece of land cleared of wood etc for cultivation.

What is another word for land clearing?

Synonyms for land clearing in English

land cultivation; land clearing; land reclamation; land use.

Still, fauna can return to the area when the forest is renewed. The practice has its pros and cons, depending on when it is used. It is not the only option for merchantable timber logging, yet advantages of clear-cutting make it the most typical way.

Synonyms for Forest clearing:

Increases the risks of soil erosion. Trees slow down water currents, preventing rill formation, this is why clear-cutting increases erosion. Strip – cutting trees in rows usually at the right angle to prevailing winds. There are several clear-cutting practices that differ by choice of trees to fell and the cut area. The clearance of these trees from the front of the window will give you more light.

clearing in a forest synonym

Besides, clear-cuts allow more sunlight for younger trees that do not tolerate shade. As a result, saplings grow in even-aged stands. Clear-cuts are forest-felling when all or most of the trees are removed in the selected area at the same time. The method is the most commercially attractive and thus the most typical one. However, there are other options as well. While this definition may seem straightforward, determining legality is not as easy as it sounds.


When trees are cut or burned down, the carbon is released into the atmosphere in the form of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a green house clearing in a forest synonym gas which means it absorbs heat. This absorption of heat is called global warming and has serious environmental and economical consequences.

In many cases, forest clearing causes significant environmental damage. Adding to the regulatory challenge are the many different groups concerned with forest conversion. Across the world’s forests, conversion is most widespread in developing countries in tropical regions. Forest conversion has complicated roots, but one emerging global trend is that big, commercial investments are increasing, and with them, rates of deforestation. Forest conversion is the largest cause of global deforestation today.

Kids Definition

If you have any questions, please, contact our sales department at , and our experts will give you a detailed answer. After clear-cutting, the earth becomes loose, which often leads to sliding. Bare patches in forest landscapes look empty and are in no way appealing to the eye. Join Macmillan Dictionary on Twitter and Facebook for daily word facts, quizzes and language news.

  • This means the trees were legally cut-down.
  • The world’s tropical forests are being cleared for agriculture and mining.
  • The clearance of these trees from the front of the window will give you more light.
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  • Due to adverse clear-cutting effects, the method is not always the best option and is not a part of sustainable forest management.
  • This reverse dictionary allows you to search for words by their definition.

Forest conversion is the clearing of natural forests to use the land for another purpose, often agricultural , but also for mines, infrastructure or urbanisation. The world’s tropical forests are being cleared for agriculture and mining. This is known as forest conversion and it’s the leading cause of deforestation today. Strip logging involves the clear-cutting of a relatively thin strip of forest that parallels a river along a slope. A gallery forest is left intact, but a strip is cut immediately upslope and the desirable timber is removed by a road that is also designed to parallel the river. Another strip is cut several years later upslope from the first strip.

When these trees are cut, the seed source is lost. This type of logging is designed to mimic or copy the natural succession (re-growth) of a rainforest. Kateryna is a Senior Scientist at EOSDA. Her specialty is the development of technologies for satellite monitoring of natural and artificial landscapes and surface feature change detection. Kateryna is an expert in the analysis of the state of mining areas, agricultural lands, water objects, and other features based on multi-layer spatial data.

What is the meaning of clearing in a forest?

The clearing of woods and forests is the process by which vegetation, such as trees and bushes, together with their roots are permanently removed.

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