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What Is a Project Manager?

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On top of overseeing projects, the role involves collaborating with similar leaders, cross-functional teams and third parties. For that reason, we’ve created blogs, guides and templates to help you better understand all the different aspects of this role. Here are two more project manager job description examples to give you an idea of what’s required of project managers for different roles. According to, the mean IT project manager salary is $96,632 per year. While this is the average for all IT project manager positions, salaries for individual roles may vary based on factors such as geographic location, experience, education level, certifications and industry.

what is a project manager

While managing all phases of a project, project managers also provide leadership to their project teams. If open source project courses are of interest, also consider some of these free project management courses to help improve project-related knowledge and skills. Many businesses are adopting agile as the preferred project methodology, creating the need for employees to develop their knowledge in this area. Agile certs such as the Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) can give you a leg up, as can Scrum-based certs such as the Certified ScrumMaster . See our lists of top agile certs and top Scrum credentials to take your career to the next level.

IT Project Manager

The team has enough resources and tools for effective collaboration. ProofHub allows your team to manage all of this information from one central location in an easy-to-understand format. You can view project status at a glance and quickly see who is working on each document as well as what’s coming up next in their queue.

what is a project manager

As soon as the project manager is assigned, however, he or she needs to fully engage in the above work which should culminate in a project being chartered and formally assigned. WGU is an accredited online university offering onlinebachelor’sandmaster’sdegree programs. Our online university degree programs start on the first of every month, all year long. A marketing master’s degree will help you prepare for a wide range of exciting marketing careers. Two online marketing master’s degree options with a focus on either digital marketing or marketing analytics. Project managers work with everyone involved in a project, so they are able to be the advocate for team members, clients, or other departments when needed.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Project Manager?

When it comes down to it, the responsibility of a project manager is to make sure that the organization stays in business by offering efficient solutions that teams need. This, as you might know by now, involves taking care of the team, checking in with the expectations of the clients, and handling the overall management of tasks as well as the schedule. Project managers are responsible for the planning and execution of projects within an organization or business. They must have strong leadership qualities, excellent communication skills, and attention to detail.

  • So instead of overloading yourself with project manager responsibilities , let ProofHub do the heavy lifting for you.
  • You should have adequate knowledge to spot an issue and suggest possible solutions.
  • Trusted by 20,000 businesses and 6,000 agencies, Teamwork lets you easily manage, track, and customize multiple complex projects.
  • To recap, technical PMs are essentially project managers that also have a background in the specific industry or field that the project is based in.
  • Career success doesn’t only translate intoclimbing your organization’s hierarchy.

A project manager is responsible for identifying the idea and developing a procedure for implementing it in collaboration with external clients and internal stakeholders. Establishing and handling client expectations, constructing a comprehensive project plan, defining the project’s scope, and assigning duties to members are part of project manager roles and responsibilities. For a company to successfully complete a project from start to finish, they depend on the oversight and leadership of someone knowledgeable. This is where project managers make their impact within an organization.

Experience the new way of doing product management

There are no prerequisites to take this exam, but you should have previous experience with project management. Having this certificate doesn’t mean that you can be a project manager but that you can work in a team how to become a project manager that uses PRINCE2 as a PM method. Finding compatible project managers who want to share their wisdom and knowledge can be challenging. Most will be willing to do this in return for some help with their tasks.

  • A project manager leads an entire project through initiation, planning, execution, control, and completion.
  • The average salaryfor a project manager in the United States is $93,053.
  • Check out the video below that talks about understand who is a project manager, what all skills are required to be a project manager and the roles and responsibilities of a project manager.
  • Some of these challenges include working with various teams, tracking progress, and sourcing the necessary resources.
  • A project manager, on the other hand, is someone who focuses on the how and when of a project by coordinating, managing, and overseeing projects.

Nobody hates anyone more than a project manager that throws random tasks with no accurate descriptions or client requirements to guide them. Doing this signifies that you don’t know much about the subject or the client’s requirements. There are also project managers that believe the project belongs to them. Product managers and program managers encounter the same issues, and the truth is that any employee can be a supporter of meta-work. You’ll encounter problematic employees during your career, and getting them to understand your purpose will be challenging. Not being able to open up to your employees and listen to their opinions can only push them away.

Tools and resources for project managers

On the other hand, you might not get to choose the project you’ll work on. In this case, you’ll get small projects that could waste your time. Similarly, you could come across a project related to a field you’re not interested in, making it difficult for you to want to learn more and grasp complete control of that domain. The UK government developed PRINCE2, so if you’re planning on working in the UK, you might want to give this certificate a go. For more learning opportunities like these, check out the best project management courses you can take or other training resources.

What is project manager in simple words?

A project manager is a professional who organises, plans, and executes projects while working within restraints like budgets and schedules. Project managers are in charge of leading teams, defining goals, communicating with stakeholders, and seeing a project through to its closure.

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