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Prescription Compounding For Simi Valley

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Prescription Compounding Simi Valley

What Is Prescription Compounding?

Prescription compounding is the practice of creating custom pharmaceutical products for individual patients. This differs from traditional off-the-shelf prescription medicines in that the composition of the medicine is actually tuned to fit the requirements and limitations of a specific person, as opposed to being formulated for a one-way-for-all-people, broad-based medicine.

A compounding pharmacy employs trained compounding pharmacists who specialize in this science to carry out the steps of creating these medicines on-site (or in a remote laboratory, specifically for that pharmacy). Medicines are compounded one at a team, each filling a particular prescription to a patient’s ideal specifications.

Why Customize Prescription Medicine?

Medicines can be changed in various ways for various reasons: a patient may require a customized dose, may require a liquid form of a medicine that typically comes as a pill, may require a medicine that has been discontinued or is uncommonly rare, may already be taking other medication with which the new medicine might react negatively, or in some cases, may simply need a better flavor.

Size, shape, flavor, dosage, and solidity can be adjusted by a compounding pharmacy before delivering to a patient. Much like traditional prescriptions, compounded prescriptions must be written by an overseeing physician or other trained and authorized medical professional.

Pharmaceutical prescription compounding has been in practice since the 19th century, and most cities these days have a compounding pharmacy in the area. Home Care Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy in Simi Valley, serving the northern part of the San Fernando Valley all the way down to Thousand Oaks. We’ve been helping patients in our area since 1986 – nearly 30 years now!

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