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AAFX Trading Review

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Gain trust and grow your business with customer reviews. All of the platforms presented here contain plenty of instruments for technical analysis. I tried here both MT4 and MT5 plaforms and devoted months to trading on both of them. As a scalper I can convinced you that there is everything, lines, bollinger bands, rsi, ma, sma, ema and so on. The choice of assets is traditionally wide, executions are fast and trading conditions are quite competitive.

scammed by aafx trading

Besides this, I appreciate the possibility to trade without commission, so I don’t need to share a part of my profit with the broker. It encourages me to trade more actively in the daytime. It is also written on the website that the average spread of the company on the euro/dollar pair is 0.8 pips, but I have seen much smaller spreads here. I have never met a broker with such good conditions.

Scammed by AAFX Trading broker? What to do?

As much as I have talked to traders, such problems as freezes or connection failures with the server are very common among different brokers. Maybe this is due to the fact that they have such a huge client base and a lot of servers, so the load on the servers is within acceptable limits. I am more inclined to the variant that they have adjusted their work quality, so the trade is carried out accurately. For example, if you are a beginner trader, you should start when trading with AAFX with higher timeframes, with a swing trading approach. That way, emotions won’t affect you as they do with most traders.

No matter how much money do you have its all about your trading strategy. You don’t even need no more info its all in one. But if we move away from psychological motives and look at the real trading conditions offered by the broker, I can say that they are really competitive even among the best brokers. And for beginners here is a great opportunity to try trading on an account with fixed spreads.

  • The minimum deposit amount is only $100, you can start trading on a real account starting from such a small amount.
  • The company uses proprietary platforms and charges inactivity fees.
  • Order execution is better here, withdrawal is faster, spreads are smaller, leverage is bigger.
  • Everyone has its own points about perfect broker.

I chose this one, because it seemed to me tat it’s pretty reliable and i was convinced in it, when I applied to customer support here and they politely responded all my questions. AAFX Trading has a rating of 4.51 stars from 96 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Reviewers satisfied with AAFX Trading most frequently mention demo account, long time, and high leverage. AAFX Trading ranks 14th among Currency Trading sites. And at the same time, everything that this broker offers can really be applied in practice and nothing to think about.

Wanted to withdraw but got wiped instead with no trades open. Pure Crooks

Any red flag is a warning you should not ignore. Investing your money with anonymous platforms not only puts your money at risk. Your data may fall into the wrong hands attracting criminal activities during the registration process. AAFX Trading is a no-dealing-desk (STP+ECN) founded in 2014.

These are the types of rallies that smart traders take advantage of. Beginners can try to trade in the quieter, but, unfortunately, overnight period from 1 a.m. To 9 a.m., and it is advisable not to use pairs with the participation of the Japanese Yen. There ar over 1000 trading instruments and all basic forex markets including cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, professional traders are welcomed here too. There are three types of account which you can choose on your taste.

scammed by aafx trading

I’ve seen one AAFX Trading review mentioning that the trader’s profitable positions did not count when calculating the overall trading result. This review was extremely negative, yet the problem was obvious. This person was unaware of AAFX trade time requirements, which lead to the company’s rules violation and disappointment with the service provided. I bet this trader still believes AAFX Trading is a SCAM. Let’s review all the AAFX Trading conditions and rules that can be found to be controversial if you don’t know of them in advance. AAFX Trading is one of the most reputable forex broker companies in Australia.

I earned about 15% – not bad at all in six months in foreign currency. That’s why it’s very important to turn such a great opportunity offered by AAFX Trading into a tool of profit and not a tool of loss. In order to withdraw a certain amount of the bonus, you need to trade a certain volume. As you know, there is a leverage here that helps to trade large volumes so that it is not difficult to fulfill the requirements.

Platform Info

It’s an offshore regulation that is not as trustworthy as FCA or ASIC. If you are unable to log into your broker account, there is no need to panic. A professional broker never deliberately restricts user access to an account.

scammed by aafx trading

The next section of the AAFX Trading broker review is deposits and withdrawals. In this case, AAFX is one of the few brokers that offer a variety of deposit and withdrawal options. As long as you have an internet connection, access to your banking information, and are a registered AAFX user, you can withdraw funds aafx trading from your account. Withdrawal requests are processed within three business days. While some forex accounts require your own regulated money, others, like MT4 demo accounts, do not. The nature of an account is dictated by the degree of risk you’re comfortable with and how much capital you want to leverage.

This broker is registered in St Vincent and the Grenadines and operates internationally including in the US. Moreover, it has offices in Australia, Hong Kong, and Australia. AAFX Trading offers a variety of tradable assets in forex and CFDs. When compared to other brokers in the same category, this broker’s offerings are limited. AAFX Trading provides the renowned MT4 which is available in web, desktop, and mobile versions.

They are bad for the economies of the countries who apply over 30-40% taxes to businesses run on their territories. Businesses just goes away and settles at Bahamas. For over 3 years now SEC has been unable to approve a single cryptocurrency ETF. Best brokerages located in the USA have been trying to break this SEC wall, but were pulling back their proposals one after another.

I Asked ChatGPT How To Earn $1000 Online. It Was Hilarious.

Actually, my switching to aafx was quite an unpredictable move of myself. The thing is that I used to trade with another broker which turned out to be a pretty suspicious organisation. I just came across with wome talks or gossips on the internet telling that the broker is on the vege of collapsing. Surely, I didn’t want to waste time without trading and started asking my friends for a piece of advice and they told me that aafx is a decent broker which can be worked with. It’s really easy to criticize because we can always be dissatisfied with something or want something more. I can say that if you take the basic functions that a broker should perform, aafx can handle it.

The difference between the two accounts is in spreads where the fixed account charges a fixed spread of 2 pips on all majors. Spreads for the ECN account, on the other hand, are floating and begin from as low as 0.2 pips. Both accounts are swap-free and require a minimum deposit of $100 only. The VIP account, on the other hand, comes with additional benefits but requires a minimum deposit of $20,000. Those who hold this account type enjoy 100% ECN spreads and can request additional tradable instruments on top of what is presented on the AAFX Trading website. It is not clear how this broker makes money on this account with the 100% ECN spreads and zero commissions.

The educational resources here are not too powerful, but it can be interesting for newcomers who don’t have enough experience yet. I prefer to analyze the chart myself first and then check myself with a detailed technical analysis from AAFX. I think that in 60 seconds you will not be able to earn the necessary money, so I see no point in this.

What real traders think of AAFX Trading forex broker, reviewing the AAFX traders’ reviews!

For example, Lichtenstein is also considered an offshore, but you don’t think that Lichtenstein companies aren’t legit? Yeah, guys with several million can trade with large banks and they don’t need high leverage. But people like the author of this article forget that there are billions of people who don’t have “spare” $5-10 million to invest. And such people need another solution to climb up the ledder of success. When you open a VIP account with AAFX, you get not only a personal manager.

ECN – variable spreads, which vary depending on how much you use for the trades. In my opinion, it is the best option for an experienced trader, who knows how to control the calculations and clearly assesses the situation. The spreads on the ECN account are relatively tight. But I want to note that the training in AAFX is quite simple. It doesn’t suit me, because it’s designed for beginners.

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