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5 Benefits of Using a Nebulizer Machine

By: Home Care Pharmacy |

When suffering from breathing issues, having the right treatment equipment is critical. Getting the medication you or a loved one needs shouldn’t be difficult, which is why nebulizers are so effective. Different circumstances, including health needs, age, or the nature of the illness, may lead your doctor to choose a nebulizer for treatment.

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Here, Home Care Pharmacy will help those in Los Angeles and Ventura counties understand more about these helpful devices and explain some nebulizer benefits you can expect should you or your children need to use one.

What Is a Nebulizer?

Nebulizers are medical accessories that help take liquid medication and turn it into a mist. This allows the user to inhale the medication into the lungs. Nebulizers may come in standard tabletop models or portable alternatives to suit various needs. Specific models include: 

  • Jet models: Use compressed gas to create an aerosol
  • Ultrasonic models: Provide high-frequency vibrations
  • Mesh models: Force liquid through very fine mesh to turn it into small, breathable particles

Why Use a Nebulizer?

Nebulizer machines help provide medication directly to your lungs. Nebulizers are simple to use and are designed for children and adults alike. They provide a similar treatment as inhalers but don’t require users to do anything but breathe normally.

What Do Nebulizers Treat?

Breathing treatments like nebulizers are great for those with asthma, offering an effective way to get important medications like corticosteroids or bronchodilators into the body. Nebulizer machines can also offer relief for those suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), bronchiectasis, cystic fibrosis, and pulmonary fibrosis.

Is a Prescription Necessary for a Nebulizer?

In general, you’ll need a prescription from your doctor or healthcare provider to get a nebulizer. In some cases, you can purchase a nebulizer online without needing a prescription, however, you’ll still likely need your doctor to prescribe you the medication. Certain medication manufacturers may require a specific type of nebulizer, so it’s important to speak with your physician before making a purchase.

Who Benefits from a Nebulizer?

Many physicians suggest that their patients use nebulizers because of their many uses. Consider the advantages this treatment provides for different types of people, from babies to adults: 

Benefits of a Nebulizer for Babies

Infants who have difficulty breathing won’t be able to operate an inhaler, which is why nebulizers can offer an effective alternative. They allow infants to breathe normally and intake the required medications. They are especially helpful in treating croup, a virus that causes bark-like coughing in little ones, and can even help with babies who have pneumonia and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

Benefits of a Nebulizer for Adults

Adults may have an easier time taking medication, but nebulizers are still helpful. Unlike inhalers, nebulizers offer a continuous flow of medication. This means that you can manage other tasks during use. Nebulizers are also an effective way to deliver necessary medication during palliative care, when users may not have the strength or wherewithal to manage other devices.

Nebulizer Advantages and Disadvantages

While nebulizers are beneficial for many people, they do present some drawbacks. Compare the pros and cons of using these tools to assist with breathing conditions:

1) Effective Medication Delivery

Because nebulizers send medication directly to your lungs, they work more quickly than systemic medications. Nebulizers can get you the medication you need in as little as five minutes, while systemic medications must make their way through your gastrointestinal tract and into your bloodstream, which can take around 30 minutes to start working. When it comes to breathing treatments, speed is a significant advantage.

2) Nebulizers Can Be Preventative

Not only can nebulizers work fast to deliver medication, but these devices may even be used to prevent respiratory problems from getting worse or from developing in the first place. Using long-term bronchodilators daily helps open your bronchial tubes. Conversely, steroids reduce inflammation and mucus production in your lungs, allowing oxygen to flow freely. Nebulizers are also effective when it comes to emergencies, helping to quickly treat acute breathing complications.

3) Nebulizer Machines are Easy to Use

While inhalers provide similar benefits, they require users to breathe in while the medication is released. The simple design of a nebulizer enables users to relax and focus on other tasks. This also makes them much more manageable for young users.

4) Adaptable Design

These devices are great for everyone, from newborns to the elderly. They offer a simple solution to a wide range of different ailments, and parents and healthcare workers can even use them on others, making them versatile tools.

What’s more, there are both home and portable varieties. While home models are larger and generally require an outlet for use, portable models are compact and run on batteries, making them easy to bring along in a bag or backpack.

5) Fewer Side Effects

Oral medications often come with several potential side effects, which can be cause for concern. Fortunately, the nature of nebulizers means they carry far fewer side effects, including a reduced risk of short-term issues like rapid heartbeat, headaches, and tremors. As far as the long-term risks of steroids are concerned, they noticeably lower the risk of high blood pressure, high blood glucose, weight gain, infection, or bone loss.

Nebulizers do have a few disadvantages, however. First, even portable models are not going to fit in a pocket as an inhaler might. Also, while nebulizers work far more quickly than oral medications, they tend to be slower than inhalers.

Another downside is that nebulizers require proper cleaning between uses or the mist be become contaminated and the medication won’t be as effective. Lastly, these devices can be more costly than other treatment options so it’s a good idea to go over your options with your physician.

How to Purchase a Nebulizer

If your doctor has prescribed a nebulizer, your local pharmacy is a great place to go to find the model that works best for you and your needs. Depending on your insurance, however, you may have limited options.

At Home Care Pharmacy, we offer a wide selection of nebulizers from popular brands, such as:

We even offer themed masks, such as a cat, a panda, or a fire truck, to offer a more kid-friendly design for young users. Best of all, with medical equipment delivery, we can bring the medical supplies you need right to your door. Whether you’re too ill, suffer from a disability, or simply have a busy schedule, this convenient solution is sure to make life easier.

Enjoy Nebulizer Benefits with Help from Home Care Pharmacy

Nebulizers are helpful and easy to use, making them a great choice for delivering medications to those young and old. At Home Care Pharmacy, we can order any machine, filter, tubing, or mouthpiece you need to work with your nebulizer system, and our pharmacists have been trained in many pulmonary diseases to help guide you and your loved ones on how to best use your nebulizer.

Home Care Pharmacy has been serving those in Los Angeles and Ventura counties since 1986. If you have any more questions regarding nebulizers or would like to speak to a team member, contact us today at 805-527-9600. ,

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